IS2020 Curriculum Workshop

Presented by

Prof. Hannu Salmela

Co-chair of IS2020 Taskforce team
Professor in Information Systems, Turku School of Economics, Turku, Finland


The IS2020 curriculum is the latest iteration of model curriculum work for the Information Systems (IS) discipline that dates to the early 1970s. The previous IS model curriculum report, IS2010, was a major effort that expanded IS curricula guidelines from a primarily business school context to other domains. The IS2010 report articulated guidelines as IS capabilities, knowledge and skill requirements, and characterizedthe core of the IS curriculum, electives, and career  tracks  (Topi  et  al. 2010).  The  model  curriculum  report  prior  to IS2010,  was  IS2002 (Gorgone et al.,2003), which was a relatively minor update of IS’97 (Davis et al., 1997). Both the IS2002 and IS’97 projects were a joint effort between the ACM, AIS, and DPMA/AITP (Data Processing Management Association/Association of Information Technology Professionals). The IS’97 project was preceded by DPMA’90 (Longenecker and Feinstein,1991), the 1983  ACM Curriculum  Recommendations  (ACM  1983),  and  1973  ACM  Curriculum  Recommendations (Couger 1973). The IS2002 guidelines were widely accepted and have been influentialas the basis for the accreditation of undergraduate programs in IS. This IS2020 report constitutes the combined effort of numerous individuals and has been designed to reflect the interests of many more faculty and practitioners. IS2020 is grounded in the expected requirements of the industry, the needs and perspectives of organizations that employ IS graduates, and reflective of the input and support of other IS-related organizations.


Professor Hannu Salmela is a Professor in Information Systems at Turku School of Economics since 1998. He studied in Turku School of Economics in 1982-1989 majoring in information systems and obtained a doctor’s degree from the same school at 1996. He has made research and teaching visits to University of Kentucky, University of Vaasa, West Georgia State University, and University of Twente. He was Principal Teacher of information systems subject in 1999-2006, Head of Department of Management in 1999-2008 and Vice Dean of Turku School of Economics in 2010-2018.

His areas of expertise:

  • IS strategy
  • IS agility
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital platforms
  • IS services
  • IT project management