ISICO 2023


Frequently Asked Question

The Seventh ISICO 2023 is a hybrid conference. Therefore, you can choose the virtual conference option and join the conference via internet.

Please take a look into the preparation page

Registration process will be available after all paper statuses are released. Therefore, this situation will be impossible in ISICO. To this point, we provide an enough period for registration process, so that an author can register for early bird conveniently.

The link for the revised / camera-ready paper submission of accepted paper is https://is.gd/CameraReady which will redirect you to this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0Cc3Ny8onc8NSDbbUs6cCbrtCoYgiz1UlEOE-Gz_Pbrxlpw/viewform. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

A formal LoA can be issued after you submit your camera-ready paper and complete the registration process. Please fill in this form to request an LoA: https://its.id/m/LoAISICO2023. Please understand that this process may take time.
After the conference, all of the presented paper will be processed for publication in PCS. This process also includes the checking of the manuscript format, which can take several rounds depends on the number of errors in each manuscript. Therefore, we request the authors to strictly adhere to the format and guidelines of ISICO manuscript (https://isico.info/author-guidelines/). Please understand perfectly that the publication of papers in PCS will take AT LEAST 2–5 months from the conference date.

Please note that papers to be published at Procedia Computer Science are papers with accepted status (through the review process) and presented at ISICO 2023 by one of its authors. Moreover, the presenter is also required to answer all questions asked by the audience and moderator during the paper presentation. Papers that are accepted but not presented at ISICO 2023 will be excluded from ISICO 2023 publication in Procedia Computer Science.

For the offline conference, the registration fee covers: 1) seminar kit, 2) lunch for 2 days and dinner for 1 day, 3) snacks, 4) access to several hotel facilities, (exclude room) 5) publication in Procedia Computer Science (if the paper is presented in ISICO 2023), 6) access to meet and greet session with AIS President (day 2 conference), and 7) access to all conference’s parallel sessions.
For the online conference, the registration fee covers: 1) publication in Procedia Computer Science (if the paper is presented in ISICO 2023), and 2) access to all conference’s parallel sessions.

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