As an author of the accepted paper, you are required to record a video of your paper presentation. The video should follow these criteria:

  1. The name and email of the presenter should be described in the video
  2. The face of the presenter should be displayed on the video
  3. The maximum duration of the video is 10 minutes
  4. The quality of the video and sound should be clear and good
  5. The maximum file size of the video is 100 MB
  6. Please use a common video format (for example: MP4 / AVI / MKV / MOV / etc)

You can follow these suggestions to get a good video recording result.

  1. Select a good environment
  • Select a room or place where you will not be distracted while you record
  • Try to avoid any sound distractions in the room when you record, such as background music, sounds from roads, or sounds from other rooms
  • Turn off the sound and notifications on your phone and computer
  • For Windows 10 users, you can go to “Focus Assist” and turn it to “alarm only” for the recording
  1. Select a good backdrop and attire
  • Try to create a professional atmosphere
  • The easiest way to have all white background (for example, a white wall)
  • A nice bookcase in the background can also work well
  • Although casual dress code is standard in the conference community, please keep in mind that appearance affects the presentation effectiveness
  1. Pay attention to the lighting
  • It is suggested to place the lighting in the front of you while recording
  • When you record on the daylight, the best position is by facing to the window
  • If you use an artificial light source, it is suggested to not include the light in the camera frame and do not place the light too close to your face
  1. Check the video and audio hardware
  • Check whether your video and audio hardware are working well
  • Having a dedicated microphone will make you sound better
  • If possible, do not use the built-in laptop microphone
  • You do not need to buy an expensive microphone, any dedicated headsets / USB microphones will work.
  1. Prepare the video recording and editing application
  • It is not necessary to buy a license of a commercial video recording and editing application. Any freeware applications will work (for example: OBS [])
  • For the video editing application, this is actually an optional. However, if you have it, it will save your time if you have some mistakes in your recorded video. You can only edit/delete a specific frame instead of record it all over again.

The information of video submission will be given to all authors of the accepted paper after the accepted paper notification.